Requirements for an M.F.A?

Hey guys,

Anyone know if it is possible to get an M.F.A with a B.B.A ( Bachelor of Business Administration)? I was wondering if schools vary on the M.F.A requirements. I also tried to Google some top M.F.A programs, but not too much luck. Any tips you guys can help me out with would be great.

Thanks a lot.

it might be possible but you will be going to school for about 7 years to cover the reqs for both (not much in common). some id programs are 5 year stints.

NC State offers a MFA program in ID that caitors to people from outside the design world.

Exerpt from their site:
"Master of Industrial Design The Department of Industrial Design at NC State University is unique in that it offers a graduate design degree to both those with and without undergraduate degrees in Design. Several consequences result, one being an eclectic mixture of students within the studio setting, establishing a rich environment conducive to the exchange of accumulated knowledge and experiences. Another is an intensive first year curriculum carefully planned to give those with non-design backgrounds a solid foundation in formal principles of design. These courses are essential to properly prepare the student to undertake more involved studies. Specific placement is based upon one’s skills on entry into the program.

During graduate studies, it is important to recognize that it is only through self-motivation and hard work that progress is achieved. It is the responsibility of the student to seek and take advantage of all the opportunities within the academic institution, as the primary responsibility of the faculty is that of catalyst, navigator and mentor."

I want to say IIT does too, but I am not sure.

If you read the fine print, a lot of schools are actually flexible on this. That is, you need a portfolio and some experience, but your “other” experiences could make you a good candidate for the program, if you’re willing to take summer classes or stay an extra year.

As for searching for ID programs, this site has a worldwide school directory.