Required reading

Probably one of the best things Core has ever posted. imo.

It really cuts to the essence of new product development whether you are a startup making bicycle light or a fortune 50 company making a medical device.

Granted there is less bootstrapping at the fortune 50 company, but a similar “giterdone” culture exists. And I would like to qualify one of the points the article makes. Yes, the fortune 50 company will have better access to manufacturing, but really only for their existing product lines. The same issues Sparse faced getting bumped from the manufacturing schedule also is true a new product launch of any company.

It also gets to why I am currently enjoying my corporate career over my consulting career. You just get exposed to all of the problems with new product development, not just the industrial design problems.

Good article, some of the detailed struggles were eye opening to me.

I agree, being exposed to non-ID problems in product development can be really helpful and interesting. I like to think of it as “seeing over the wall”. The wall being the thing that sometimes concepts are thrown over with no notion of where they end up. I had the opportunity a year ago to work on quality assessment drawings for a product line I was designing. At the time it was frustrating dimensioning every detail, figuring out salt spray hours, dealing with numbers, mass, and volume. But I left the project with a greater understanding of tolerances, manufacturing nuances, and a greater appreciation for the over all process.