Requesting Feedback on my Online Portfolio

Please visit and send me your feedback. I have been applying to countless jobs for the past year and haven’t gotten any bites yet. At this point I’m beginning to question either the quality of the content I’ve posted or the design of the site itself. Do I need to add some more flash to the site? Should I only show cleaned up, perfect sketches rather than rough thought process? Somehow I need to sell my talents better. Please let me know what you think!

some good work. What kind of jobs have you been applying to? Have you gotten any interviews?

Entry level industrial design jobs and internships in and around the SF bay area. I’ve applied to lunar, smart design, frog design, fuseproject, whipsaw, fox racing, wildplanet, astro studios, studio backs, and plantronics, to name a few. Still waiting to hear back from some but so far I haven’t received more than an automated response of receipt of my application. I question whether I’m showing too much and not leaving them interested in seeing more at my interview, although I received a suggestion from a couple of my colleagues that I should show more. Thanks for the response.