Request: Logo Request (Free)

I need a simple logo designed for my student radio show…if one of you great designers out there is willing to create one for free, it would be greatly appreciated…Thanks!

You can contact me at

Why do you think someone would create a logo for free. If you don’t have any money, what are you willing to trade.

I wouldn’t ask you to DJ for my party for free.

firstly, most of the people here at Core are product designers, do you know what Id is moron? do you?
I absolutely abhor people like you. What are you studying up there at the university of alberta? It better not be ID!

um…im an ider…and ive designed logos…thanx but no thanx. i need to make money.

I think you have a snowball’s chance in hell of finding someone to do this for free. I’m currently designing one as a freelance job, and I’ve already put about 8 hours into it. Now I’m doing a different version because it wasn’t what the client had in mind.

I will design your logo for free, but I want a blow job first

a logo … for a RADIO program???

Actually there are quite a few graphic designers here myself included. We may be in the minority but we are here.

As someone mentioned there are a few ID people that can do graphic design too.

If I wasn’t swamped with work I would do it, I knew some friends that were in radio. I would do it and if i had a studio or a firm I would ask you guys if for the logo you guys would in return give me some promotion on the radio-

for some students out there this might be a great thing to put on a portfolio-- just an idea

good luck

Yes we have all heard this before. Both the IDSA and the AIGA clearly state you should not do work for free unless is for a charity/nonprofit. Even doing spec work is against the rules of ethics for both these organizations.

Why? Because it devalues the profession. This person should trade something of value other than “you can use it in your portfolio and we will give you credit.” Big deal.

At least you are letting them know up front you have nothing to offer them for all their hard work and expertise.