Reputation of California College of Arts (CCA)?

I’ve searched the core77 boards for info about CCA, but there doesn’t appear to be that much, so I was just wondering what people thought about CCA and it’s reputation in the realm of Design. Thanks!

My friend is a senior in graphic design at CCA–i saw their thesis exhibition and the program looked really really good, much better than graphic design at my university (cincinnati). However for industrial design you’re probably better off at other universities. IMHO

Why would i be better off at another school for ID rather than CCA?

guest2, for your friend, are they in the undergrad or grad?
i’m really interested in cca’s graphic design program and haven’t seen that much of their work.

do you think their grads look prepared (as in skill wise in their pieces of work)?

I graduated from CCA(c) in 2002. I can only say good things about the program. I graduated with 12 other students, and can tell you that most of us are working in design and at pretty good places. We’ve got senior designers at Fuseproject, Nike’s innovation kitchen, LifestyleDesign in Santa Barbara, Fox Racing, Ashcraft in LA, The North Face…I know some kids above and below us that went to Frog, Continuum (when they had an office in SF), IDEO, West Office Exhibition Design, Meyerhoffer, Lunar, Pentagram…
I guess what I’m saying is that it’s a pretty good school with a great reputation in the Bay Area. A lot depends on your classmates and how good they are. If you get into a good class and everyone chellenges each other, you’ll have an unbeatable experience.
Yves Behar, the founder of Fuseproject, is the new dean of product design and is doing some new things that are stepping up the program as well.
There is also a great little design collaborative called LIFT ( that was formed by a bunch of kids that graduated from there a while back.
You should definitely keep it on you list and take a visit.