reproduction board track bikes

Thinking about picking up one of these… could be good for getting around Cambridge on the weekends…

those look pretty nice. Is it considered a bike, or a motorcycle on the road??

Technically it is considered a bicycle, so no extra license is available. If you say it is for off road use, I think you can get one that goes 40-45 mph which is cool for around town.

Hey, your location changed… are you going to Harvard?


those are nice. did you see the “made for Stark” one? wonder if it was a one-off for him or if Stark did some design work for them?

In the video on their myspace page, the designer/owner says $3500 for one of these…which isn’t bad considering the apparent quality of the workmanship. I would totally get one and ride it to work every day if i didn’t have to get to work during pittsburgh winters.

These things are hot. Thanks for the link Yo!

No, I’m their new president. :wink:

I’m seriously considering getting one for the fun of it.


thanks for the link Yo.

I like the use of the Brooks.

BIG framelittle engine.

BIG engine … little frame.

Nice neo-classical styling but I’m a bit confused as to how the term for a small, concealable firearm relates to the bike. Especially since the name Derringer is a misspelling of the creator’s name, Deringer.

Seems to fit though.

The white tires are trick, I’d like to get some for my car.

Since it’s a bicycle, can I strap a kid seat over the back wheel?

Wow, those are really good looking bikes.

There’s a company called Golden Eagle that fits small gas engines to standard bike frames, and sells kits for people who want to retrofit their bikes. They aren’t anything like as attractive, but there was quite a variety of engines last time I looked. Some of the smallest 2 strokes were supposed to get ~225mpg. The engines drive the rear wheel; I read a while ago that some people were getting regenerative electric kits for the front wheel and making impromptu 2wd gas-electric-human hybrid bicycles.

Those setups probably ranged from not-very-attractive to neck-wrenchingly hideous, but they’re pretty cool all the same. ← Golden Eagle site, via Kevin Kelly’s Cool Tools blog

I know I’m a bit late to the game here, but for what it’s worth:

I was at a local pub a few weeks ago, and a guy pulled up on one of these. Me being an avid cyclist, and always interested in two wheeled travel, I was able to talk him into letting me take it for a spin in the parking lot. Here are my thoughts:

  • Very cool looking, and garnered a lot of head turns and attention.
    Not as noisy as I thought it would be.
    The handling positively sucked. It wobbled all over, and was not very stable. (I own 4 different bicycles, and 1 motorcycle, so I’m not inexperienced)
    The coaster brakes were a throw-back to my younger days, but were unnerving to get used to.
    Top speed is governed here in AZ to around 20mph. I’m sure this can be worked around.

They definitely have a cool factor, but if I were to buy a power assisted bicycle, I would probably go an all electric route.

These are sold by a local bike shop and have super smooth pickup, are quicker, and have better gearing than the Derringer, so top speed with pedaling is significantly higher. No “cool” factor whatsoever. Ultra Motor intros A2B electric bike for urbanites | Engadget

These look really nice, but are expensive, not in production yet, and need to be licensed like a motorcycle.