Replacements for Alias Portfolio Wall software?

Hi, I’m wondering if there are any previous users of Alias’ Portfolio Wall software that have any suggestions regarding replacements. We really liked Portfolio Wall and have nursed it along since it was dropped in 2009. the features we primarily are looking for are thumbnail views, touchscreen swiping for forward and reverse, side-by-side comparisons, and most of all the ability to drop in a variety of image file formats like JPG, TIF, PSD, GIF, BMP. Ideally runs on Win7 and XP.

Thanks for any help!

The closest solution i’ve found to replace PortfolioWall is a series of functions that are included in Autodesk Alias. But is not as PW.

Some kind of reviews can be displayed with Autodesk Showcase, but you need a 3d geometry: multiple options in a single display.

Other thing I often do is to use Picasa, but you need to use at least 2 monitors to get better results, just to watch thumbnails, no bookmarks, no comparisions, etc.

But i still haven’t found a PW replacement. Is one of the best soft packages i’ve seen and it was really very strange that has been taken down.

Sorry that i can’t help you. Good luck on your task.