Repeat "Log-in" requests and...

Will, see the discussion Mundane Front Load Washer Design

Note that loafers follow-up post appears above the OP, but others do not.
loafer commented: (whoa!.. why is my post coming in at the top and not the bottom ? has something changed here or what ?)

Something IS going on on this website this morning… while logged-in I have done a couple of “previews” and sometimes it kicks me over to the “log-in” page and then presents a blank “post a reply” field. Some times it does not. “Backing-buttoning” retrieves the text. This is not occurring with any predictability.

I just did a “preview” to see if it would happen again. This time I get “The submitted form was invalid. Try submitting again”. The next time it performed a successful “preview” . Tried another “preview”

I’ve been getting logged off as well… though note sure if something was off with the time stamp on that original post?

Looking it to it.

I fixed the post.

Not sure whay that happened, If you see anything like that again, please let me know.
My best guess is somehow the server time was edited or updated at the time before that was posted.