Rensselaer, NY


I am a design engineering student from Denmark who is considering exchange next fall.

I have been looking at the Product Design & Innovation studies at Rensselaer, and would like to hear from anyone who knows about or attends this education.

More specificly I would like to know:

  • about the “flow” of the studies. Is it recommendable to spend only a single semester?
  • about the general focus of the projects. Engineering vs. styling & shaping?
  • about the general environment at the school.

Any input is welcome… Thanks!


why rensselear? If you are going to come all the way to the US, why that specific school? There are a lot of other programs that are more established and in cities that can expose you to a bit more, lets say, Americana.

Yo is right. I went there for undergrad in engineering. The program you are applying to wasn’t there when i was there so I can’t tell you too much about it. But what i can tell you is that it’s a very good school and you will get a good understanding of the engineerng side of things for sure. However, though the new president has done a lot to improve the schools social situation the area is not the best. I definately suffered while there and if not for a good group of friends and many trips to NYC(2.5 hrs away) it would have been difficult. Troy isn’t the greastest place and thats why rensselaer isn’t as known as maybe it should be. So i would say the program is very good but another place in america…say boston, new york, chicago might be better for you.

Well, Rensselear came up by suggestion from a tutor at my school. That’s all… I’d be happy if you could tell me about any other schools. Either way, I’m spending a lot of time looking in to which school to go to.
My preference is a university teaching both ID and engineering, but ID is the first priority, since the school, I am at is mainly technical, and I really miss some traditionally creative courses. I’ve always been drawing and sketching a lot and would like to impove the old skills.

I’ll post another thread in a few days… Thanks for your answers

A friend of my transfered there to complete her masters in ID there. She loved it & said the school was excellant but that was back in the mid/early 80’s.

I did a similar thing when I was in school. The program I was in was very conceptual and old world craft oriented with out a lot of emphasis on visual comunication (sketching/model making) so I went to a program with the exact opposite focus. It was a great experience and it helped me to maximize my education. I would recomend going to a school WITHOUT an engineering program, maybe a fine arts school like Pratt in New York so you can get that balance, sounds like you’ve got the technical side covered.

Thanks yo. - I will definitely look into that!
I have a feeling, you are right about maybe skipping the engineering program for a semester.
I’ll try to find out more about the acceptance criteria and tuition fee for the school and so on.

btw… Unfortunately I have been offline for a while, but no more, come thursday!