Rendering With Alias 9.5 (Troubleshooting before deadline)

I completed a detailed drawing within alias 9.5 and have a firm understanding with shading and tooling techniques within the program.

I am at the final stages of the project and would like to complete a final rendering. All the parts are joined together in the sbd window.

1)What do I set the rendering Globals to?
2)Do I use Raytracer or Raycaster?

3)When I try to render I get a message that says
“Exited Prematurely” see errlog.

  1. Do you think I need to create another file or directory?

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let’s all be sensitive to this.

regarding your render crash - v9.5 probably doesn’t like the name you’re using for your login. according to the path you specified that would be “crack whore”. no, the system isn’t suspicious of piracy, it barfs on the space character in the path.

if you rename your user login or create a new user with no spaces in the name you can then render and not have this problem plague the renderer. i think more recent windows versions of alias do not have this bug. if i recall this bug does not plague irix versions.

when you change your user name in windows i don’t think your C:\aw\crack whore\ path will be renamed, so you probably need to do that manually.

regarding your other questions - start with raycast. if you need true refraction through translucent objects or true reflections of one object into another, then go to raytrace. for the globals, always start low and turn specific settings up when you see problems in your rendering. this saves time because all you need to do is test quickly and bump up repeatedly until you get the quality level you need. if you start high then all your test renders take way longer than you need or can afford (usually).


Thanks again for you’re detailed reply. I have not tried your potential solution yet, although I will let you know if it works.