rendering technique

I came across this old style rendering in a motor trend magazine from 1974 done by Harry Bradley. Does anyone know how he achieved this style?

It looks to be a mixture of gouache and pastel. The background was achieved maybe by masking off the drawiing and throwing down some passionate strokes. Prob started with pencil sketch, painted in gouache, and then threw down some highlights with pastel. My guess…

The background on the top picture reminds me of a technique where you take a grated pastel (I was taught to always mix in some black pastel, about one third, to get some monocromatic value) then moist some cotton with lighter fluid and dip in the pastel mix and apply to drawing in one stroke (going up and down and from one side to the other).

Normally you would cover the drawing and continue working like on coloured paper using grey markers to darken and white pencil/pastel to lighter surfaces, but now you can also use an eraser to make highlights as the pastel can be removed.

That could be a way to get a similar result, but in this case masking the car before applying the pastel mix.

Such a beautiful drawing, isn’t it? Some of the streaks carry into the lower body in the top sketch, so it might be rendered over top and partially erased out. The window reflection definitely looks masked, but not how there is a slight tint to it, as opposed to the chrome wheels and exhaust tips. I wouldn’t be surprised if those were traced up onto a clean sheet, rendered and then cut out and spray mounted on to make them so clean.

I think this could be emulated with the right brushes in painter or photoshop, it just takes restraint.


It is a beautiful sketch, I just love those old school renderings like that. They just have so much feeling in them. You might be right that he did the car on a separate paper then glued it down. Looks like he did part like that, then came back and did the tires in,