rendering software

timgolnik - The script in my previous post only works for the .castsShadows parameter but as stated before, it can be easily be replaced by any other parameters. To do this open the Script Editor, select one surface, change the attribute(s) you want to and observe its name in the Script Editor (i.e. visibleInReflections). Copy/paste the parameter name in the script and run it. To change multiple parameters at once, add a line per other attribute(s) to be changed in the script.
Or use Attribute Spread Sheet (as you did) or the Rendering Flags editors to change rendering parameters on multiple objects at once.

Okay, it looks like there are a couple of Maya gurus here, but if you’re not you might want to give the ImageStudio2.0 free download a try. I have it and it seems to render my iges files just fine…

I just check out Viz '05 because I’m looking for something to bang out concepts with tight renderings… Is it usable for Industrial Design? I ask because their gallery is only architectural and when they talk about creating shapes, it sounds like they do it by manipulating primitives.