rendering software: Imagestudio

Hi designers,

I have difficulty to do a nice photo realistic rendering (I have tried Flamingo, Cinema 4D). So now I like to try Imagestudio. Does anybody have experience with this software? Do you think it will be easier and have better quality than Cinema 4D?

I need to buy a new laptop in order to run Imagestudio, so I like to know more about the program.


I’ve used many a rendering program and the best program that I’ve found is Hypershot by Bunskpeed. The rendering quality that you get relative to the time you put in is simply unbeatable. I don’t think there’s anyone who’s used it that would disagree.

you can download a demo on the Bunkspeed website.

Hi, thanks for the info. I went to the website and it looks great! I also heard about Maxwell render is pretty sweet too.

wow that hypershot looks really cool. Those preview and explaination how to use it. Its so easy and renders so good.

Image studio is very easy and very fast (and low on system demands), but the trade off is generally image quality. You can get good renders, but it’s difficult to get a great render.

Maxwell Render by comparison is fairly easy (once you learn it it’s easy, but the UI is fairly useless) delivers GREAT results, but is incredibly slow and requires a hugely demanding system.

Bunkspeed is fairly similar, it’s expensive ($1000 only gets you a 1080P screen sized render) and from what I’ve seen still requires a fairly demanding machine. Because of the resolution limitations in my eyes it makes it less useful since you don’t have the ability to get high res print sized renders.

Cinema4D is actually rather good once you learn to use it as well. In the end it comes down to the fact that there are a LOT of good rendering apps out there, but they all have their tradeoffs in speed/ease of use/scene setup/hardware requirements, etc. If there was a perfect solution we’d all be using it.