rendering prog's.

Hi guys
I am in the process of learning to use a new rendering program; the problem is that there is so much choice at the moment! I do all my modelling in solidworks and up to now I have been using photoworks for visualisations. After looking around it seems the big players are,

Form z, lightwave 3d, cinema 4d, 3ds max, Alias, Photoworks Release2, Bryce and Maya
Can any of you good people please recommend one or two of these for me to focus on!

I am mostly looking for, realism and quality, ease of use and popularity amongst the product design profession! I am hoping to continue using solidworks so I would just want it for rendering!

Thanks guys


try a Search. lots of threads on this.

bryce. all the way. definitely bryce. yup. or maybe poser.

if u got the cash Alias Image studio is a piece of piss to use…a standalone rendering program designed for designers

thats the kind of reply im looking for dawolfman! to the point!

look at some of the results here, identify the best and get some pricing:

that should help your decision making.