rendering programs

hey i have solidworks 2004 - it has photoworks r2 - but my graphics card isn’t powerful enought to get the real veiw working - is there any other way to get great rrealistic images without having a $1000 graphics card?

also - i read some where about rendering programs - can these be added into solidworks or do u transfer it across and render it ?

i just use what came with 2004

sorry about spelling

Photoworks will crank out some good renderings. The ‘real view’ option is only available with certain nVidia cards and is meant to allow you to model while showing intended materials in an ‘approximation’ of the rendered resolution.
You’d still need to generate the render out of Photoworks.

this “realview” option - it tied to nVidia’s shading technology? thinking it is. curious. any options besides nVidia?

Nope. If you go to the SolidWaste website, it’ll list which (and only) nVidia cards support it.

I think nVida is the only company offering the technology. I know that the new seat of WF 2.0 has a realtime rendering feature that also only works on the supported nVida cards. No information on the feature though, I do not have nvidas in these machines. Nor does our support vendor on their demo machines.

ATi offers the technology. but their software partner list doesnt include many CAD companies. AshlarVellum. maybe another. mostly game devs. too bad. think nVidia’s is more restrictive. CG-language based. ATi doesnt add the layer of CG and uses the new OpenGL SL and DX9 toolsets, i’m pretty sure. waiting for OpenGL to catch up put them behind.

hopefully that’ll change. i also got WF2. but no card to make use of any realtime previews. and now watching prices as PCI Xpress hits.