Rendering on an iPad (examples)

Hey all,

Just thought I’d share this.
Mainly started because I can’t afford a Cintiq (plus I’m too cheap), I wanted to give my iPad mini a try. I wanted to see how far I can take it. I’ve tried several of the main drawing apps found in the appstore.


  • Robot image, I’m showing the original image snagged off google and the final rendering.
  • Hard hat, this was also off an image I found on google.


  • iPad mini with a bamboo stylus.
  • Mainly using Artstudio App for rendering. I also used Inkpad for vector line art. Post work with Snapseed, and a couple of others.

Anyway, if you have questions on these please let me know. I’ve created a blog covering my efforts. You can find the blog here
I’ll be posting more later.


I like the idea of working with the tools you have. Great blog, enjoying the stylized sketching. Consider switching to tumblr to be follow-able?

Thanks for taking a look and for the comments. Good point on Tumblr.


Hi Alan, these are really nice! I saw you had more threads at first, maybe you could post some more of the images here as links with the [IMG] tool – the ladybug and lightbulb for example (a way to get around 3 attachment limit).

Hey Thanks Robbie,

Yeah, it’s a strange thing to see that my other posts got taken down. I emailed the site about this. Thanks for taking a look. I’ve been trying to find a place to show them. I think people would surprised to see what can be done on and iPad mini.

Hey, what do you mean my using links through the IMG button? Thanks!


Hey Dooki

Welcome to the forums and thanks for sharing your technique.

I’m guessing one of the other moderators took it down since you started 3 separate threads for only one topic which isn’t necessary. Feel free to add the other images that you had in the other threads into this one.

Great examples so far. How long are each of these taking you to get done? Do you have examples of using this technique in more of a more traditional ID sketch/render style vs. still life. I’m sure you’ll get a lot more interest that way.

Was just looking through your blog this step by step is pretty cool, love how much of a difference adding the specular reflection layer makes!

Hi Choto,

Thanks for the explanation. I will upload the other photos. There are more images on my site. I have a blog dedicated to my iPad efforts.

-How long do they take? About an hour or two, but I’m not going for speed (aka for commercial means). I really started out by wanting to see if the iPad (with the right app) can produce more polished work. This leads into…

  • Do I have examples of more ID sketching styles? No, I do not. When I started this I searched the web for examples of iPad concept work. You see a lot ID style sketching or illustration sketching. I wanted to bring something different, something that would you think twice about poo-pooing an iPad.

  • Gloss layer. YES, this is key to make your image pop. For my professional work I use photoshop in pretty much the same manner. I’m a helmet designer but I have not yet used the iPad for a helmet render…not yet!

    Thanks for taking a look Choto!

HEy Choto,

I still can’t seem to add more photos. I go back to my original post and hit EDIT. It still says I can’t add more than 3 images. How can I add I more images to my thread?


If you are using the Core77 image uploader it is currently only limited to 3 images per post. So if you just hit reply to make a new post you can add 3 more images for each new post within the thread. No need to start a new thread just reply to this one.

If you host the images elsewhere, like your own site, imgur, flickr, etc. then you can use the IMG tag to embed it. For instance the image I pulled from your site yesterday I embedded by copying the image url, pasting it into my reply and using the “Img” tag like this (remove the *, I added those so that you can see it otherwise it would embed the image)


Get tapatalk for your ipad and you can upload a few more than 3…

Thanks guys!
Here are a few more images.

Lady bug:
First time using Procreate. Done in freehand. As you can see from the comparison image I added the large image to my render. I added it the lower layer. I then added a drop shadow. I used Procreate on this one because it has some nice NOISE brushes. If you look at the highlight on the shells you can see a noise texture. This is what I saw on the original photo. Artstudio is my main app but the noise brush does not work as well.


Hey Choto,

Going off of your comment about traditional ID renderings, and timing, I made this image today.
Time: about 3 hours total. I’m starting and stopping for making dinner, putting the kids to bed, etc.

  • So I found this image online. Once again I imported the reference image into Artstudio on my iPad.
  • On a new layer I rough sketched out the image. Theoretically this is where you would do you ideations and pick out one to flesh out.
  • Being that this is a more technical image than a lady bug I exported the rough sketch into Inkpad and create vector line art.
  • I then imported the clean line art back into Artstudio to render.
  • I made layers for the black, red, chrome, display, glass. The line art layers is on top and set to multiply.
  • After the colors are blocked in I used dodge and burn for fleshing out the form careful to study the reference image.
  • The display was also made in Artstudio and then I used layer distortion to tweak in to perspective.
  • After the image is done I merged the layers and then created a background layer with a circular gradient fill, for mood.

Thanks for checking it out!