rendering liquids in alias studiotools/imagestudio

I have a question;

I’m involved in the re-design of a vodka bottle for a swedish brand, and want to create photo realistic renders of the bottle filled with liquid.

What is the basic theory when working with glass filled with a liquid? do I duplicate the bottles inside surface to create the liquit, or will it create fractions/bad reflections? do i offset it? support please!

I ask because I’m short of time and this forum normally generates real good answers in a short time.


not sure about those tools. but there’s a Maya tutorial on the net somewhere for a perfume bottle. might google for it.

I’ve done a bottle with liquid rendering although it was for a practice. Basically I created a body of water with the meniscus. You will have to shrink the body of the water a little bit so that it doesn’t exist on the same plane as your bottle’s inner wall. You will have to adjust the degree of refragation to get what you want. It depends on how realistic you want it to look. I was a beginner at Flamingo.

In 3D Studio this is really easy. You basically just take a glass material, change the diffuse color to pale blue, or whatever color needed, and add noise to distort the surface. The more noise you add, the more surface waves you get.

To get the best possible effect you need to make the bottle hollow and use a glass material, this will give you realistic reflections and refractions of light through the material. Then you need to create a solid cylinder and place it inside the bottle. Modify the shape as needed to fit the contours, and then assign your distorted glass material to that cylinder.

I’ll try and do a sample for you to show you what I’m talking about.

Here is a tutorial using 3D studio and Vray for the rendering engine. It goes through steo by step in creating glass and liquids.

I built this today as an example. Use a glass material for the bottle and then copy that material and change the IOR to get different highlights for the water. The bottle is hollowed out and the vodka is just a cylinder. You can add noise to make the top surface appear wavy. I made the label by scanning a bottle that I have here in my house and corrected it in photoshop.

Here is another shot. I inverted and modified the label to look like the other type that Effen sells. I also added an HDRI map to get better reflections on the glass material.

Thank you guys for the replies and comments! I will go through the tutorial and see what it does to me.

The thing is, I’m using ImageStudio 2 for my renders. I have done this kind of things in 3D Studio before and there it ain’t a problem, but in IS2 I can’t get the glass to work. Using a clear plastic works good, but it takes the edge of the visual impact of the bottle. Is anyone of you familiar with the software, or know a place for tutorials…?

Thanks again!