Rendering hands into product shots

I was wondering if there are any resource online that have images of hands that can be photoshopped into renderings. I have attached a couple examples where showing the human interaction with product helps communicate how to use the design.


I would just take a picture of someone with a nice hand in front of a green backdrop mimicking the pose I needed. That or stock photos.

The example hand looks oddly photoshopped. Is that a bevel and emboss effect on the lower edge of the hand? Sorry, professional hazard. There are tons of stock photography hands. I’ve been using adobe stock a lot for product rendering backgrounds and what not.

Thank you both!

For a quick mock up, and when 99.99% of the people seeing it are non-designers, I think it is fine.

The brightness/contrast stands out more to me than the dodgy drop shadow on the bottom edge.

It looks like a plastic hand.
You can do 2 things:

  1. Use stock photography. For example, we did a pregnancy tester so we looked up pregancy tester or diabetes lancet devices to find acceptable hands holding actual products that were the approximate size.
  2. Take your own photos. Find somebody with nice hands and have them hold a physical prototype or something roughly the same size. If you set up the lighting correctly you shouldn’t have to do too much PSD.

Wanted to share some recent renderings I did for my recent project. The hands turned out ok. Due to the awkward hand positioning of holding a hammer, it was hard to find stock images.