Rendering Feedback

This is my first shoe design and rendering, did it to try and help develop my photoshop skill and knowledge.

Feedback good and bad welcomed.


Looks good for your first one. I think you challenged yourself by picking that perspective view to start out with. One thing I noticed before even anything about the rendering itself was the proportions. It looks like you need to adjust proportions a tad. Look at the forefoot compared to the mid and rearfoot…If you took a side view of that would it look correct? Right now I think its a little vague as to what you want going on there…especially with the mid and outsole. Anyway, good job for your first rendering tho! There are obviously other things you can do…but this is a great start!

great start for a first PS rendering.

The rendering skills look good. The footwear design and proportions could use some tuning.

I’d suggest trying a side view. Then you can work on the proportions and also work on getting in some more details (stitches, textures, etc.) that will help it look real and communicate the design intent.

Also for the design side of things, would be good to see some of the process work. Sketches, inspiration, different concept solutions, how the design works…

Keep in mind that rendering is normally only an almost final part of the process, and the design itself is usually worked out well before the rendering stage.

Good start. keep up the good work.


ditto to what R said

Thanks for the responses, nothing like a challenge though.

I will try some side views and post them up.

i always find stitching makes the sketches look more complete, no matter how computer rendered or simple pencil sketched they are. unless, of course, you really want the shoe to be all “stitch and turn”.

Been getting into footwear design and done some more which you can see on my Coroflot page.

Feedback welcomed.

It looks like the image link is broken, but from what I see in your portfolio, I think they look a little bit flat.

I would suggest playing with some textures and being a little more “aggressive” with the shadows and highlights. Don’t be shy when painting.

Check out rkuchinsky’s and Yo’s portfolios for some inspirational work. They also have some tutorials :smiley:

It would also be worth taking a look at this guys portfolios: