Rendering a White Truck with markers

It sounds a little weird but i’m doing a marker rendering simillar to the style of “Chip Foose” of a truck. Its going to be done and framed for a present.

The truck is white with a small pin-strip which runs along the side, but i’m stumped as to how to render it.

Do I just use the markers to lightly show the areas which have shadows, or is there a particullar technique to it.

I’ve taken a bit of looking around on a few car design webiste but no-one seems to draw white cars.

Changing the colour is not an option.
I’ve attached the outline of the drawing, incase anyone is interested.

So what do you guys think I should do

I’d say darken up the background and add a ground shadow to add some contrast. that way when you add white and gray(shadow) they look lighter in contrast.

Look at some images of white cars and trucks (like the one above) and transfer what you learn about the lighting to your drawing.

Exactly as Steel Reserve stated. You want to draw the car on white paper, and then add shadow and background, details. The trick is that you begin with the truck “color” already filled in as the color of the white paper.

Instead of drawing a “highlight”, you draw the shaded form around the highlight.

Good start but, the perspective in your drawing looks weird. One obvious thing is the curved lower side panels. Straighten those out. Your cab also looks too high. This is a low rider with really tiny wheels? If not, they are way too small.

Here are some lines hope they help…