Rendering a lamp

What is the best way to render a Lamp in Flamingo (rhino3d)? Im having trouble getting the illumination from the lamp light bulb.

you can change the self illumination of a material in the editor.

sometimes i find that you shouldn’t always pick the material that you would use in real life. For instance, sometimes i will use a plastic instead of a glass for a glass object. There is no specific reason I do that, sometimes it just works better.

Also, if i am having too much difficulty getting the light correct for my image, it saves me a ton of time to just photoshop it in afterwards.

Photo shop a glow on top of your lamp. It will save you hours of tweaking the render.

Photoshop is usually fastest anyway… In Maya you might play with fog to get a haze… if you use a haze in one render and no haze in the exact same view of a different render and marry them using opacity layers in photoshop you can control (post production techniques) the amount of fog that the light will effect.

This man speaks truth.

before the forum dies of board-om… for hevansakes… someone upload an example.