rendering 3d vs 2d for presentation

i was wondering, how do most of you present your concept to your client ?
is it:

  • a 3d model rendered for presentation purpose
  • a rendered 2d drawing (either digital/manual)

or it depends on the design so you pick the quickest method?

My considerations:

  1. Stage of the project
    2.effect on viewer
  2. Time
  3. Money
  4. Need
  5. Endgame

In my case, it depends on the audience, the project and what you want to achieve with the presentation. Usually I’d use the fastest way which is good enough to communicate properly the idea behind the concepts, so it could be a hand sketch, digital sketch or 3d renderings.

I pick what was agreed upon in the contract and what I feel is appropriate for the current design phase.

If I tell people they are getting sketches, they get sketches. If I tell people they are getting renderings, they get renderings. I also make sure to include a glossary of “Example” work for people who are not familiar with the ID process so that there is no misconception down the line when someone sees a sketch and expects it to be a fully rendered work of art.

Clear Expectations + Clear Deliverables = Happy Working Relationship

"Clear Expectations + Clear Deliverable s = Happy Working Relationship " + infinity and beyond!

The best way possible. Whatever way optimizes impact, communication, and time. it carries based on all of the above: audience, stage of the project, as well as my personal desire. It I want to do a really crazy abstract render for emotional impact, I will, no matter the audience or the stage, but it likely won;t be the only deliverable.

At the beginning when the concepts are more malleable the techniques are looser and open to interpretation. Sketches.

As the options converge on a solution the presentation methods get progressively tighter until the last stage are photographic renderings.

That is laid out in the deliverables at the beginning.