I’m looking for a good render app besides Bryce. Any ideas? Thus far Bryce has served me outstandingly.
I’ve downloaded Nugraf demo and looking for tutorials onthe matter.

you can download the trial version of alias image studio. its pretty good.

Cinema 4D with radiosity.

free ones listed in S&T section.

If you have 3D studio I highly recommend Vray. It kicks ass over just about everything else I’ve seen. The Global Illumination and HDRI settings alone are worth the price, which incidentally isn’t that expensive.

Another one I’ve seen pop up recently is maxwell render, I’ve heard some good things. Check out the forums at either,, or to see what people recommend there. This site doesn’t tend to get into rendering very often and when people do they generally aren’t using the best tools available.

Tnx for link it’s always a good idea to check things out
I’m not lookign for best and dont have Max.
Tnx for participating