Render wireframe with Alias Studio tools


Does anyone know how to render a product in wireframe with Alias Studio tools? It’s quite easy with 3D Studio Max, but I really don’t know how to do it with Alias. And do you know if it’s possible to render the picture vectorized, so I can use it directly in Adobe Illustrator, maybe I can save the picture in .ai format??
Thank you / Jambe :smiley:

unfortunately studio does not have a vector renderer. it does allow you to print a view to a postscript document which you can then import into adobe illustrator. illustrator also imports dxf.

neither of those solutions does hidden line though. to create a hidden line image you can toggle hidden line in the object display menu or you can switch the scanline renderer to hidden line in the options of the render tool. the options for hidden line rendering are in the shader editor at the bottom and in the render globals.

btw, maya has vector export to flash swf.