render packages

Hi All,

I’ve been reading up on render solutions to go with the solidworks and rhino packages we have. We do mostly consumer products and we would like to create semi-realistic studioshots form our virtual models, with relative easy-of-use. I was wondering if any of you have experience with the following packages and what your evaluation is of them:

Keyshot (similar to hypershot)
Autodesk showcase
Bunkspeed Move
V-ray for rhino
Maxwell plug-ins or studio

The list is in my order of preference for now, but i’ve only used vray and flamingo. So i’m looking for more hands-on info.
Thanks in advance!

I have used a few of those, but not all so dont take my word as the final answer here…

Vray and Maxwell produce excellent results. The material options and environment controls are hard to beat. However, the learning curve is pretty steep, and they require a workhorse of a computer (expect longer render times with these).

Bunkspeed and keyshot is going through a ‘thing’ right now, so who knows how that mess will end up. Hypershot was a very good package that produced decent results quickly. It was fairly easy to use. My only concern is what is going to happen in the near future with both of these.

Flamingo is currently making some good changes. The newest version of Flamingo (called ‘NXT’) is very good. It seems to be more like hypershot than any previous models. The model will continually update with time, so you can choose if you need just a quick model or a final render by just waiting longer. I think the best part about it is the simplicity of the interface. If you already know Flamingo, you will have this program nailed in an hour. Plus the environment uses HDRI’s, so no more light domes! Anyway, I would suggest checking it out. It is still in ‘work in progress’, but I have yet to see any real problems. Check out the NXT webpage and download it (its FREE!)

Keyshot and Showcase are probably the best choices if ease of use and time are more important than hyper-realism.

Maxwell and the other apps are great if you have the time to really dive into it and wait a while for a rendering.

Might be worth considering Modo. I’ve been playing with it a bit and it has some really nice product specific add ons, and a rather fast rendering engine, but it’s still a heavier full on animation package like Maya/Max so the learning curve will be a bit steeper.

I personally have found showcase the best for day to day use. I can get very good results very quickly, and aside from a few bugs that have been pissing me off lately in data translation it’s got the best UI out of any app out there IMO.

Hey Cyberdemon, thanks for the reply.

I had a quick look at Modo, but the fact that it’s polygon-modelling is a no-go for us, nurbs and solids all the way for ease of the design process. Though it might still be interesting just for it’s rendering capabilities. But there’s a good chance Keyshot and Showcase are a better fit.

The more input, the merrier! :wink:

I’ve been using Keyshot ever since the Hypershot split. Its great, its essentially just like Hypershot only a little more updated with a few better features. The interface is the same…only its blue instead of orange. Also, I think they plan on realeasing new version very soon with some cool new features.

I have been using Keyshot trial and I like it but I also really liked hypershot and it’s almost the same thing. The problem is the materials are lacking. Hopefully luxion(the developer) will come out with new material libraries.

Anyone know what the prices are for all these programs? Keyshot is 1000-3000 depending on the version.

Bunkspeed is coming out with “shot” which sounds interesting. I wish they would hurry it up.