Render Farm?!?!?!?!!?

Can comeone help me out on setting up a render farm for 3DS Max. I need to set one up but I am not the most computer savy person. Could you please help me or point me in the directio where I can get the info in laymans terms. Thanks in advance for the help.

The help files are pretty clear. They give good step by step instructions. There is a piece of software you have to install on each machine that allows you to do it and they need to be connected to the network. Once its set up it will all be pretty automated.

Used to be you had to use a program that came with Max called Backburner. You had that program running on all the computers you wished to use, and then from the “server” you set which frame or range of frames you want each computer to render.

I’ve never successfully gotten it to work, but it was a school computer lab type environment so the network was locked down pretty well.

What about physicly linking the computers together. Is this just done with a network hub?

Just your standard ethernet-style network does it.

Yup. You will have one machine that is the “server” that has the primary 3DS software on it. As long as you have a network connection, the server will be able to talk to the “slave” machines on the farm that have the Backburner software installed.

Cool. Thanks everyone for you help.