Render Farm

I am trying to set up a simple network to render animations in 3DS Max. The problem that I am having is that I do alot of animation work at my job and when I want to render anything I have to wait untill I go home and let it render over night. This causes problems as you can amagine because it slows me down only being able to do one a day. I am trying to set up a computer that I can pass work off to during the day and continue to work on my primary computer.

If anyone knows anything about this could you please help me out. I’m an Industrial Designer so I’m new at this animation stuff.


There’s a site, i can’t remember the name.
But it does what you want to do, for free, and for a fee if you want priority service and unlimited frames.
And they support files from major animation/rendering packages, (no photoworks if i remember correctly). Which also brings up the point, of what program are you using? If you want help make sure you give as much info as possible.
I have yet to try it (no need as of yet).
Anyway google for it, you’ll find it.

her’s one:

For FREE! no way!

Max comes with its own render farm software called ‘backburner’ its quite easy to set up and has its own step by step guide. You can then render diferent frames on different PC’s or send a compete job for one machine to do.

However i do think you need to install Max and all the machines want to render things if you use the backburner approach…which can be very costly.

What it wont do is split up a single image across many mahcines…say if you wanted a to do a High Res rendering…to do this you can use the network tools found in FinalRender or Mental Ray.

The vray plugin also supports network rendering and will give you incredible results.

The other option is to do what my office did and buy dual processor workstations or even one of the new dual core. With a dual processor workstation you will get two renderboxes on screen and with dual core you will have four. Makes things go much faster