Render Farm for Photoview 360

Hi all. I recently landed a freelance job to take about 90 Solidworks motion studies and render them as photorealistic animation. I am planning on using Photoview 360 since it can use the already programed motion studies.

My concern in getting all 90 renders (about 70 frames each) actually processed in the allotted few weeks that I have. How would I go about setting this up with a third party render farm, how long does that usually take, and what should I expect to pay? Is it more cost effective at this scale to just buy a render desktop, or will a render farm still be faster. Thanks.

Googling this:

I couldn’t say if farming out the work would be cheaper without doing the math. You said you have approximately 6300 frames to render. But at what resolution/quality/complexity? If each frame can be rendered in a minute, it may not be that bad - especially if you can kick off the renderings at night. A faster computer would lower that time, but that again depends on the hardware you’re using now, and the hardware you’d move to.

We just setup a 16 core/32 thread render station, but that’s because farming out corporate intellectual property to random firms on the internet is generally frowned upon.

Yeah, I found that one by googling “Render Farm”, but was hoping someone might have some experience using one company over another. Are they all pretty similar? Thanks

At the end of the day all you’re doing is sending your file to someone to click the “render” button for you on their end so your CPU stays free.

Sounds like they’re charging about $10 an hour for their “low” priority service which would probably move things pretty quickly.

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Thanks Mark! As it would happen, I actually spoke with Anna today and she was extremely helpful. I’ll be sure to check out the 2013 beta, is there something specific I should look for?