Render animation

At my work we do commercial furniture, a large chuck on which is screening systems.

I was directed to this video

Click on Watch the F2 Installation Video if your interested. Just wondering if anyone knows what program may have been used to make this.

We do this stuff all the time at work. Basically you just use a good pano backplate wrapped to an environment. We use max with vray for animations, and Im guessing that is what was used here.

I believe for example Modo would be more than capable to do something like that, and so would Blender for that matter.

Which would be easier to learn? I know blender is freeware, but don’t want to spend ages learning a new program. I also need to import solidworks files or XT, IGES etc… Looks like I’m up for about $2500 all up with Modo, because I’d need their solidworks importer and advanced cad importer.

If you are seeing yourself creating animations now and then, then I’d probably go with Modo, for a couple of reasons:

    • It will handle solidworks imports better. (Blender can do this, but I have had a few problems, and you have to use VRML format).
  • It seems more aimed at Designers in general as well as industrial designers. (I believe blender didn’t even use units until fairly recently)
  • I hear the Modo render engine is both faster and often achieves better results than Blenders.