Renault X Lovegrove

That thing is nuts. I hate the wheels, but love the tail/roof/everywhere lights. It definitely is a specific point of view!

I like it.

I find it amusing that a Ross Lovegrove car’s surfacing is much cleaner than many production cars today. Sure, he went Lovegrove on the wheels and lightpipes and interior, but it is much more approachable from the outside than a lot of stuff on the road right now!

Also, the wheels are so intricate, that perhaps in real life they won’t read as gross as they do in the rendering.

I think the interior and the exterior look like they are from two separate designers united by color and lights. The exterior is very conservative. Other than the crazy lights, it could be a Fiat 500. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, it is just very safe from a overall packaging and form resolution point of view. Well developed surfaces… the cellulite below the taillights is interesting, but probably needs some refinement to integrate into the rest of the vehicle. The interior feel like a product designer designing an interior… organic cocoon with a couple of chairs plopped in. Not a fan of the interior.

My favorite part are the wheels and tires. Those are cool! Though they would be hell to clean!

This is pretty nitpicky stuff. It is a nice concept vehicle.

Also, bonus points for matching your Nikes to you concept car :wink:

we noticed that here too, funny.

I might buy into the wheels more if the pattern wasn’t so small.

I was thinking Fiat 500 by Subaru.

Having recently had a go a designing a car, I can see lots of issues with this concept. If its intended to be a piece of art, then i’ll take it on face value, it’s pretty, but in terms of functionality, it appears not very well thought through. The wing mirrors are cameras, but where in the car are the screens to see the rear view? Typically car seats are about 30 centimetres above the floor, so you have a comfortable bent leg position. In this car, the seats look about half that. All in car controls appear to be accessed by the screen on the handbrake. If you wanted to adjust the heating whilst driving, (can’t see any heaters?) you would likely crash before you accessed the functions through the touch screen. I know lovegroves work has never really been about practicality or functionality, but this seems overly aesthetics led.

I completely agree. I have seen it in Paris and I do love it. I see it as an investigation into furthering Renault’s nature-inspired form language, so that the ‘secrets’ of nature can also be expressed in the products we design. It is bordering the psychedelic, where the beauty of nature becomes intensified and absorbs our entire mind. I would love to see Lovegrove do another concept where the design is taken further in terms of form and functionality.