Renault Ondelios Concept preview

I’m finding this thing interesting:

I’m finding this thing interesting:

To say the least… … the reverse compound surfaces at the a-pillar/windshield/hood are remarkable.

I’ve got to wonder what automotive “restore-ians” will be doing in fifty years. Can you imagine trying to reconstruct/replace this stuff?

Thanks Very nice

The front (light-grill) does not go well with the side view. Or is it me?
Lights are interesting.

some nice shoes that go with the pedals?

Talk about concept cars being far cooler than your product…look at Renault:

Megane III


The Ondelios is pretty amazing. I love the front. It’s almost retro in the form, but the detailing is so contemporary and fresh. I don’t understand the back though. I think I must be seeing the same thing as B-art.

The interior really got me though. Love the pedals, the dash with the monitors/gauges lit underneath the material. Very nice. Those seats are fantastic too. They look a little North African, which seems appropriate for a french car.