Renault 4 ever competition entries

Usually I am not a Transportation guy but I have been enjoying the shortlisted competition entries on Designboom for the “Renault 4 Ever” competition. Especially since my parents used to have one for over 20 years when I was a kid. Many memories in that car and tears when it was crushed in fron of our eyes at the junkyard.

Here is one I liked

It is funny though how many sort of look like Marc Newson did them.

I haven’t had time to go through them in depth yet, but I’ve also been looking forward to the results of this. One of m desiners and I were trying to far an entry ready, but we got slammed with work and it never moved beyond a couple of sketches.

My best friend in high school had a Renault Dauphine (Princess). He was a year older than me so I rode shotgun for the better part of a year until I got my license.

More than a little underpowered, especially when you consider that this was the late sixties when GTOs, Camaros, Mustangs, and Chargers were what most guys were driving. Still it was a great little car.

Rally wasn’t cool then… or it might have been cooler.

That is hot.

I remember this commerical… … . :unamused:

City Horn / Country Horn