Renaming parts to keep Detail Drawings pointing correctly

Does anyone have any workflow issues related to renaming files in order to keep the detail drawings intact.

Basically we got eight parts for one size product. We have all the detail drawings completed in a folder (attached to their respective parts). Now I guess we duplicate that folder for a larger size and rename the parts. How do we keep the drawings referencing the new part? Just looking for general ideas on these types of

001_18x24_centerfacia.SLDPRT needs to be renamed to 001_24x36_centerfacia.SLDPRT

The drawing is 001_18x24_senterfacia.SLDDRW

Don’t work like Pro/E you know as all the parts with Pro/E sit in memory and with the drawing in memory as well you simply rename the parts and save everything including the drawing.

File - References: when opening drawing change references to new renamed part.

Use SolidWorks Explorer to rename the parts, if the drawing folder is in the search path SolidWorks explorer will update the drawing reference.

With SolidWork 2007 you can right click the files in Windows Explorer select SolidWorks and then rename from the drop down list, this will also update the references whether they are dependent drawings or referenced parts and assemblies.