Remove this job AD?

is this ad on the core job postings just another way to get free work, or am I missing something?

link: job details -- error encountered

Some of the ad:

Generate the design of Baby Monitor Product for America market

I need to get the design of Baby Monitor Product for selling in America or Europe Market.
Feature is using 2.4" Display Screen, Bi-directional Audio Communication, Temperature Monitor and Over/under-Temperature Alarm, Hook Up feature in the product

For help the housewife to monitor their Baby, which make baby feel safe and comfortable. Image is trendy and interesting by Europe and America Market.

The dealine application date is on 1st May 2011.

We are welcome to get your ID sketch of Baby Monitor for us. If it is attractive image, we shall directly contact you to develop it.

I would agree with you there. Seems a bit shady. The Core forum and Coroflot are separate entities though. I’ll flag this topic so that those who know people might see it.


I think it should be taken down for crimes against English grammar and spelling.

HAHAHAH…I have nothing else to say. That just made my night!

Yeah, it is funny, what is more funny is that the job is still up there even though experienced members of the forums always guard against doing work for free and here is an ad in our faces asking for free work that Core posts. Funny.

The determination was made that 1. We (moderators of the forum) don’t have any control over Coroflot. 2. They had to pay to have that job posted, it’s not Craigslist afterall. 3. If you fall for that ad, it’s your own fault. There are plenty of similar ads for different types of employment on Monster and CareerBuilder. Best of luck to them.

Totally understood. But I also read in the forums that it hurts all Designers when we do work on spec. Too bad we have no power to police those ads that abuse our industry. Just another irony.

It’s really up to an individual to police themselves against doing work for free.

I agree here. Yes we do not support spec work. And yes we will take down a post advertising it in the boards. But as NURB has mentioned these guys paid for the posting, and these paid postings are what pays for the site. Also as mentioned you will find postings on all job sites. We can’t control that.

I will also add that you will be asked your entire career to do spec work. Whether it be a family member, a finance guy in the office that wants a logo, or like this a guy in china that wants the most ideas he can find. It is up to you to not reply and to not respond.


I personally think that it could be better moderated. I mean, it looks like people can pay to have obvious scams on coroflot which will most probably lure in some poor sucker straight out of college.

Sure, they should be able to spot it, but it’s kind of like seeing a bus careering down the road with no brakes and saying whoever gets in it’s way should have been looking. To continue the metaphor, some people have bad eyesight, or are good creative types but not so good at spotting the out of control bus. I went to uni with a few of them.

I might be wrong, but it looks like a case of revenue before principles.

This is fare. I am not sure how these are moderated as we do not do them. There maybe area for improvement.