remote collaborative sketching

So I am wondering if anyone has done this with and great success.

Have 2 designers in two different locations, each with a sketch tablet, and working back and forth on the same sketch. i.e sharing the same screen and sketching on the same digital page.

If you have done this, what software are you using i.e Skype or something else.

I haven’t but it sounds really interesting to try. Will look into it…

I have done this but not in parallel, rather throwing versions over the wall to another designer.
The collaborative aspect is very stimulating. You have to be very much aligned with the other(s) though to make it work.

a friend/colleague and I both use IPPro with Procreate and Pencil…couldn’t find out a way to collab real time within that app.

Two apps that sound promising:

edit: we got Microsoft Whiteboard to work between two iPads…its really fun even though limited functions.