Relocation expenses for moving within the same metro area?


I’m getting a resounding “don’t bother asking” from everyone I have spoke to.

Doesn’t hurt to try but for 24 miles, I wouldn’t hold my breath. People commute here what would be the equivalent of going through 2 different states on the east coast. Living near chicago, a 30-40min commute isn’t bad even when traffic turns it into 2 hrs. Take the train if the job is on a route, most likely the Metra for you if it is.

Very true in regards to commute distance. I guess I’m just wondering if it’s something that’s heard of at all.

Ah yes, the 290 can really suck. I’d suggest asking for more, say $44K. Possibly a $2K signing bonus, but maybe not say that it’s for moving. Might want to feel things out first before moving away from your normal stomping grounds. If you’re dead-set on getting some money for relocation, state your case in how it can actually benefit them. For instance, if you move closer then you’ll have more time to offer them.

When I was in Chicagoland, I lived in Schaumburg, which made it easy to work out of Elgin, Arlington Heights, etc. Of course that also made it a solid 1 hour drive to downtown. Sucked.

Is this, by chance, in the exhibit industry?

Deez is right. The Sunday following Thanksgiving, between Charlotte/Concord and Greensboro, NC. Might as well slit your throat!!

Deez, are you around NC?

no, think you’re talking about another 6ix. But i’m the original 6ix, the rest are mearly useless copies.

I don’t do rock climbing anyhow. There will be NO stroking on this forum of any kind!

Deez, have they evacuated part of Cary at all? Or just Apex? Thank goodness the wind is coming from the west, otherwise it might actually get past Chapel Hill.

Are you going to be at any of the upcoming IDSA-Carolina meetings/events? I was supposed to speak with some of the guys from Touch360 next time I’m in town. Are you working in RTP?