Relocating to Seattle- what's the design scene like?

I’m moving to Seattle from San Francisco this weekend. I’d like to see what the ID/general design scene is like and if there’s an active IDSA chapter that hosts events…etc. Although I’ll be working in the UX industry, I still have to stay true to my ID roots! So far, I’ve only found AIGA Seattle…

Here’s to hoping Teague (and other local heavyweights) opens their doors every once in awhile.

The local IDSA chapter keeps it going with activities and networking opps, mostly the local companies pick up the slack.

In addition to Teague, there is Carbon, Product Creation Studio, Artefact, General Assembly, Anvil, Stratos, Pensar … and a handful of other firms.

If you join IDSA you get added to the mailing lists which keep you updated on socials and parties and whatever else is happening.