Relics - a personal project

As I have just completed a few product launches, I am feeling like it would be a good time to start a personal project. This will be aimed at designing a small range of objects which I will then build by hand in my shed using woodworking and leather tools and other hand tool techniques.

My idea so far is that this project will be called “Relics” and will be the first product range by my new venture “Tuckshop Design” which is a play on my surname.

I live in the Adelaide hills and there are a few timber recyclers, so I would like to source everything locally and maybe sell at our local markets the Stirling markets, which are open to stall holders who live in the Adelaide Hills council area.

My ideas so far are the following:

A shopping trolley for market shopping
Fire Bellows
Coat and hat rack
Serving platters

These will be focussed on old style techniques, with a focus on form, ergonomics and details. Natural materials will be used in the designs.

I will post all of my progress in this thread. I hope this forum will keep me motivated to work on the project and keep it moving.

I have started a pinterest board for this project. If anyone would like to see it, or suggest links please feel free.