Released shoes from the archives

nice work, Ray. I always think proportions are so important on product like that. Nice to see the level of restraint too. I’ve seen a few of these done by athletic shoe designers and they tend to go nuts on all the white space :wink: … I probably would have also been tempted to over detail them. Any outsole shots?

Nothing noteworthy, had to keep it pretty plain. What is interesting though was the selected flocking we had to apply to the bottom to nudge the tariff rates. Tried to place it as sparesly in the design as possible in low wear-points (you can see it if you look carefully in the photo). Due to our production pipeline it was tough finding that balance between cost and slip-resistance at this heel height (even with the TPR outsole!). Wet marble flooring beware…

In the end we hit a knit upper + 5-layer underfoot tooling story at our targeted pricepoint :slight_smile:

yup, I’m familiar with applying flocking to get “slipper duty” … luckily it wears off after a few hours of wear usually, but how you selectively applied it is really smart! I think there is a percentage you have to hit to safely be in the confines of the tariff. We were probably overly conservative.

One of my faves from back in 2007. hummel 8.4 PIO. We nicknamed it the “Gucci Bee version”

Laser etched Pittards Goat Skin upper with carbon fiber heel inserts on triple injection TPU outsole with some nice details like gold rivets and laser etched leather logo.

Limited Edition and Volvo Sports Design Award Nominee.


I’ve always had so much love for these.

Thanks, Michael! They were a fun project. Over the top and also somehow subtle.


Just found a fresh pair of these hummel vulcanized sneakers I designed 15 years ago in the archive. Still look fresh!

Laser etched leather, nubuck, and custom woven lacing with an indoor inspired rubber outsole make these one of my favourite sneakers I’ve done. In my mind, a good design is one that can reinforce a strong brand through pattern and detail on something as simple as a basic vulc design and make it unique and ownable.


I love all of this. Amazing to see top-notch work from an industry I don’t know much about.

I do have to say the Hummel 8.4 PIO are a bit P-U, but maybe for the ladies.
I am wondering , have they researched the soccer market or was this for a specific niche or just an internal experiment?
The soccer world I grew up in, designs had to be masculin or sporty and rough, then the gold shoes came for types like Ronaldo (soloists) which we could appreciate to some degree, and then it turned into ADHD clown’s shoes which must have to do with shorter attention spans, trying to grab attention? In the olden days good soccer was what drew the attention.

Anyway I like how all of your design aesthetics are familiar and translate well to these different product types.
Would love to see more.

How about something that doesn’t cripple your feet?

Vivo have some every clever designs to almost hide the fact that they are zero drop and very wide.
Some still look very clown shoe, but Geo Court for example, look like “regular” shoes

its all I wear and I love them

Not sure what “P-U” is but…

The 8.4 PIO was a limited edition product that was targeted to a very specific niche market. It was for that top 1% of players that wants the flashiest kit, to stand out on the pitch. The guy in the fur coat at the club driving the lambo. Especially back in 2007 when these were released, the over the top aesthetic was even more of a thing. This edition was a special material/colorway of the top technical boot.

This persona was part of a strategy I created for the brand, “Jeg har Karakter” that translates as “I have Character”. We created the products and product lines accordingly for different characters or personalities. The traditionalist, the technical gear guy, the flashy fashion guy, etc. This approach was opposite of how most soccer brands create and market, usually more along supposed performance lines (ie, a “fast” boot, “light” boot, etc.