Relationship of School and Drawing Skills

I have been looking at a lot of portfolios from students and recent grads lately. I noticed how all the CCS and ACCD kids have great freehand drawing skills. Is this because:

a) These schools are selective – the kids who get in already have good skills

b) The curiculum is constructed in such a way that everyone comes away with good skills.

c) These schools teach a really specific formulaic technic


– Ian

all of the above.

its pretty much impossible to get out of art center (graduate that is) without being able to draw. granted some people are amazing while others are functional but still…everyone pretty much comes out of the ID program able to sketch well.

most people come into the program with art center at night/pcc or someother schooling under their belt. so most everyone can draw decently before they start. i’ve seen ACCD entrance portfolios that will blow you away. some people going to school here (in the early terms no less) could step outside and get full time jobs without ever getting past fourth semester.

on top of that with instructors like gaylord eckles, scott robertson, neville page and scott robison…all teaching drawing in the early semesters its pretty hard to suck by the time you graduate. these guys teach some of the best classes ever.

drawing and modelmaking has always been a standby for artcenter. there is criticism about design content etc. but as far as drawing/presentation skills … you’ll be decent coming out of ACCD.