Related/unrelated jobs, most marketable skills of a designer

I am an irish product design student and i will soon have to start looking for work placement. Generally the college finds it or you but in general the placements they find can be very irrelevant, if they find one for you at all.

I would like to find my own placement and i have decided that i wont restrict myself to just Product Design jobs. If i could find something semi-relevant that uses some of the skills i learned in college i would be happy. Even if it was just using autoCAD or photoshop or i dunno whatever…

What types of companies could i work for? What are a product designers most marketable and widely saught after skills? If not a product designer what else could i be?

Ideally i would like to be doing something in PD but i reckon im gonna have to settle for something like this.

Any advice would be great.


Well you probably know better than I do, but I’m figuring that what kind of job you can snag really depends on what your portfolio looks like. Have you posted it up on this site? These guys are really good about critiques and recommendations, nice to have before you start sending it off to potential employers!