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Hello there. Just wanted to ask for options related to industrial design in other markets that I could still enjoy.

My family has suggested getting a marketing masters and such, or try to get into marketing now, but i know that i will be removed from actual ‘designing’ if i make that move and im not comfortable with that. i want to ‘design’.

What other fields offer this opportunity? I was thinking advertising perhaps. any other suggestions?

package design?

i was thinking more in the lines of art director, creative director, advertising, marketing…places where design is related but not the main activity (ie not packaging, product, auto, footwear design as a designer)

Your confusing us.

it’s great that you want to move up. It’s all about bringing it to the next level and being an advocate for the feild.

If you want to be a creative director in product design, your looking at 8 years experience as a designer, no masters required for most places, just a lot of experience with pushing through beurocratic (sp?) BS!

The place where I work has 20+ Design Directors, Design Managers, Art Directors, and Creative Directors, this seems to be the common path: You’ve got to prove you can do it before they will pay you to do it, a degree does not neccesarily do that.


Sorry for the confusion. basically those were just examples i could think of that were creative positions but not “product design” posiitons. I am looking for entry level creative jobs, and was wondering what was out there I could get in with my ID degree. advertising was another example I gave. know what i mean?

just trying to get some clarity. You just graduated with an ID degree and you are looking for an enty level job, but not in any form of ID?

what’s your portfolio like?

what’s your portfolio like?

yeah i want a job in ID more than anything, but i would like to expand my possibilities so looking for other areas where the degree is useful, just to shut the parents up.

you can peep my portfolio at

Your portfolio seems strong, I don’t think you’ll have a problem with an ID career.

There’s always the entertainment industry: everyone is predicting it will be one of the big long-boom areas for creatives. It was common for IDers to end up in special effects in the 1980’s and '90’s. Now it’s common to get into videogame design.

I myself have taken my ID degree and moved into product interaction and experience design.

Just tell your parents that your career hasn’t been invented yet (it’s truer than you realize.) Go read some Tom Peters!

i really like your style. you shouldn’t have a problem switching within the creative field. i just graduated and read this on AIGAS website, “your parents will never understand what you do.” so you can’t really take their advice on the job hunting thing unless theyre in the field. its frusterating at times but thats how it is.

I totally know what the post you mentioned means. Lets hope that work gets me an ID job eventually, cuz so far no luck! I was just considering other things I would enjoy that would open up more doors, you know?

thanks for the opinions by the way.

…ah, I get it now.

I too had a hard time out of school. I took me awhile to get a job, hang in there dude, it will come.

I had to start out at a job that was barely ID at a Design and Development firm, and clawed out of it into a better situation.

Ya, you have talent and just from experience of graduating in September and getting out and looking for that Ist job is hard. It took me like 4 months to find a job. I know exactly how you feel, I was thinking of switching careers to, like marketing but I couldn’t see myself not designing, so that’s what kept pushing me. I wanted to give up at times but you just have to give it time. It sucks because when you graduate you think their will be so many job openings but you end up scrounging around for them. You’ll be fine, good luck with your search.

I have been working for 15 years and my parents still don’t understand what I do.

I have been working for 15 years and my parents still don’t understand what I do.[/quote]

Ya I believe that. Sometimes my friends don’t understand either. It kinda sucks because I like talking about design and I appreciate it but sometimes people just don’t have a clue and could care less. I tell people I’m a Graphic Designer and they ask me if I like to paint. I really enjoy the field though even though most can’t relate.

It seems to me that there have been tons of openings so far this year. I can’t remember the last time I saw this many Coroflot listings pop up on a daily basis. Based on your Coroflot portfolio I’d say your skills are above average for a recent grad (at the very least), you just need to find to right opportunity. Just keep applying to things that are in line with your interests and something will happen. It’s all about being in the right time at the right place. If you’re open to relocating and dedicated to finding the jobs that aren’t listed on Coroflot or anywhere else, you’ll score something great. Don’t make the mistake of only applying for the jobs that EVERYONE knows about. Go after the companies you want to work for as well, even if they haven’t actively been searching for new recruits…

Oh, and I remember the parental pressure to find a job with health insurance, and a steady paycheck…I empathize with ya brother…unfortunately you can’t do much to keep them from worrying, aside from scoring that job you’re after…

useful insights. i appreciate it. ive decided to improve my skills if i cant find a job within the next few months, and do a transport degree (ive always had a passion for cars).