Rejected from university - Advice needed

Just find out I was rejected from my first choice university studying industrial design, Loughborough. I can think of a numbe of reasons, I dont think the interview went to well and I dont think the guy was to impressed with my portfolio. It was all fine art stuff, I emailed though asking if this was acceptable and they said yes though the guy seemed to have little interest in the art.

I’m pretty gutted, was hoping on Loughborough. I’ve still got my interview for Northumbria coming up. I got accepted into Sheffield Hallam, though i’m unsure about that as they accepted me without an interview… sounds a bit dodgy.

Was thinking of a gap year. Just wondering if you had any recommendations for what I could do in my gap year that’d help me if I re-apply to uni’s the year after. Maybe working at a design firm or something, like for experiance? But how likley is it a design firm would take me straight out of A Levels with no knowledge of design.

I know I’m fully capable for the degree at Loughborough. Which is why i’m pretty pissed. Just wondering, what next? Any ideas?

Loughbrough ID course is quite technical, perhaps you were to arty for them? what A-levels have you done/doing? Do you have the interest in maths/engineering/electronics?

Perhaps you should think of applying to do a Product Dsign BA instead of a Bs/c if your not interested in numbers.

You could also try De Montofrt Uni. Based in Leicester. a much better city than tiny Loughbrough and the tutors at the uni are very good with excelent facilitys. I did the ID course here and in my year there were people who didn’t have any science or maths a-levels but they worked hard and came through with a 2.1, one now works at Nissan. So if you an’t go the science/maths a-levels you can still gain a Bs/c. Pretty much everyone in my year (10 of us) also got jobs ranging from point of sale, furniture design, medical design…a straight industrial design.

The ID course at DMU is split 50/50 between the faculty of art and design and the faculty of enigneering it quite a broad course and very demanding. You doing everything from pure maths, business studies, straight engineering, electronics, sketching/presentation…and your usual core design modules.

For your gap year its unlikly you can get a placement at a design place as the market is swamped…perhaps if you knew someone you might get in to do some CAD work or somthing. Threre is a government scheme to put a-level grads in to companys…but can’t remeiber the name of it, perhaps ask your carrers advisor if they know of any schemes.

I also took a gap year purly to save cash and take a break from education. It would be advisible to improve your sketching ability do some life drawing classes and try and practice as oftern as you can. If you were really keen get learning a CAD package such as solidworks/autocad/Alais. You will normaly do these again at uni always good if you have a flying start.

Northumbria is also a very good uni…well it always produces good stuff, I think they also do a Bs/c and BA courses. You should maybe speak to the admissions people or the tutors so you can find out the deifferances in the courses and pick the one which will fit you the best.

hope this helps.

My A Levels include Art & Design, Media Studies and ICT - So I’m defiantly considering a BA degree.

Northumbria seems really good to be honest, there list of student placements in industry was pretty impressive and the Design Department are moving into a brand new building soon. Though its just the thought of being in the north east for another 3/4 years getting me down, I’ve studied here at college away from home in durham (from north london) for 2 years and would like a change really… Though this all depends whether I get into N’bria, my confidence has kinda’ been knocked from the Loughborough interview, and having a portfolio again full of Art work, I’m worried I’ll get rejected at N’Bria.

What do you think lectures would think of random sketch/doodle work presented alongside my art?

Some sketches would be good. Havn’t you allready got a sketch book of life drawing etc?

As you have not done design and technology a-level I guess you have no designs to show and talk about. Maybe sketch a few product/furnitures ideas you may have. Or did you do D&T at GCSE? what if you go back and update it? This would give you something to talk about in the interview instead of focusing your ablity to do fine art

The best bet is to speak to the admissions guys to ask what are they looking for. The majority of tutors are approachible you coudlask them directly what they are looking for before you go for the interview.

I know at DMU sometimes they get the applicants to draw some objects while they are waiting for there interview. I’ve also heard of interviewers asking applicants to draw a 1 point perspective cube on the spot…not sure if this has any use though.

I would also go through your portfolio and pull out any work which is not really applicble. Maybe do some background reading of ICON, blueprint, ID, form …etc so you could discuss your interest in design and why you want to do the degree.

My art work contains plenty of sketching, mainly still life.

I’ve just thought of my GCSE work, and I’ve got work and evidence of using CAD I could use… My sketching and presentation etc. is a bit dodgy being 2 years ago though I can always pull that out. Just got to hope my schools kept my coursework!

I contacted Loughborough, asking for a reason I didn’t get in, and the lecturer was very helpful. He said;

Whilst we welcome applications from students that are not studying A2 Design and Technology, having applied for a product design-based course, we expect applicants to have a significant interest and some understanding of how things are made and how they might work. Unfortunately, in your case this was not evident. As I am sure you gathered from the presentations in the morning, there is a technological component to our programmes, and we came to the conclusion that you would be more suited to a more visual and less technical product design programme.

Which I think is true, I mean during the presentation about the degree I was getting worried about the number of times they stressed about the technological side running along with BSc course etc.

Does anyone know if Northumbria is like this? Focusing on the technological side?

I’ll try to get a sketch book full of designs, though will be hard along with all my coursework. Once again thanks for all your advice. Much appreciated.

TBM- post examples from your portfolio, your resume and application letter. That would help everyone give you more specific suggestions to help you out.

I’ll get to it tmrw, will scan in a number of sketches from my art sketch books. And also some random sketches.