Rehkemper in Chicago_any news?

Does anybody have any information on Rehkemper design firm in Chicago? Has anybody worked there and can share any insight?

Thanks Peeps…

They have been in the business for a long time and have lots of big clients. I have heard the office politics are a bit crazy, but it is a great place to learn the toy biz.

I work for a small toy company in Chicago and we have gotten applicants looking for design positions with strong work from there…

I started my career there. Its a very intense place to work, but if you want to learn the toy business, and learn how to handle pressure, its a great place to work.

When I was there, two dobermans ran around the office making sure nobody “striked” management.

Steve and Jeff are brothers and are hot heads -but they know their stuff. The secret is not to take any of it personally. Impress the bosses, and you will be surprised by the nice bonus in your check. Its an easy way to increase your income.

Beyond design, Steve is also a very good business man. He’s willing to give people a try if he likes them. Just be prepared to work hard.

Being a business owner myself, I look back. I may not agree with their style of management in several areas, but I do think they teach you to be confident and skilled enough to work on anything, anywhere.