here is something I did recently. I call it “Rbk Rhb”… reebok rehab… an idea for a shoe that would accomodate an air cast for those in rehab. it would utilize the Pump technology in a majority of the shoe, so that the user could tighten or loosen depending on the amount of swelling in the foot.
one reason i came up with this is because of bad experiences with aircasts; i had to wear a shoe that was two sizes too big just so the bulk at the ankle would fit inside…and wearing a shoe two sizes too big can’t be too good when your foot is messed up already. another thing… orthopedic shoes are gross.

please comment/crit!


(welcome to the boards-seen some of your work on KG)

initial sketches are coming along. Would be nice to hear of some more research on this subject matter of rehabilitation. There are different rehabs for different injuries. Maybe this could inspire how your shoe functions? also to buy a shoe just for rehab and then dismiss I think is maybe waste of $$$. If your shoe could be used afterwards as a trainer then I think It would be more cost efficient.

would the shoe be sold in stores or from pharmacies/ hospitals?

Could there be someway of having instructions on different inter-changeable components, so if I had the shoe and I bought different pieces I could easily put it together or know how long to have it in use.

also looking for the shoe to add stability to the foot to heal, also look into possibly having the shoe aid in the recovery of the injured areas. ( this is something I have looked into with a project worked on)

link to project |

This subject of rehab and injury with footwear is not often talked about. I think we often design to prevent injury but not often we design for during, aid in rehab/ recovery.

maybe it is possible to go and speak with some doctors or athletes (high school, college are fine) and talk with them about how they rehab, recovery from injury, and what are there frequent injuries, what do there doctors tell them to do, you might find some patterns here that could help with the development of your concepts

keep the ideas coming


Hi Mark, thanks for the welcome

“I think we often design to prevent injury but not often we design for during, aid in rehab/ recovery.”

good point… however i don’t know if designing a device to prevent one from stepping on a hockey stick while it is being pulled out from under you is very marketable :slight_smile: perhaps a klutz pill…

seriously though, thank you for your extensive comments.

“also to buy a shoe just for rehab and then dismiss I think is maybe waste of $$$”
-i did think about this. but maybe reebok COULd team up with hospitals/pharmacies and distribute them that way, as a replacement/improvement upon current boots.

-and/or they could market it as part of a phys. therapy package- you could get those stretchy resistance bands, some reusable ice packs, a water bottle, a HOT water bottle, ace bandages, stuff like that, all with a RBK RHB logo plastered on. people will buy anything with a logo. that way you’re not just buying a boot, you’re buying a whole regimen. and that would justify a higher price as well.

-you really got me thinking on this though, with your idea that it could be a trainer afterwards. i’m thinking perhaps there could be a ‘base’ shoe with an attachment that would provide more stability while the aircast is needed, but when rehab is over, you can take off the attachment and have a regular sneaker to wear whenever. and they’d come in a pair, of course; the other one wouldn’t have an attachment. (edit: OR, they’d both be attachment-compatible)

As for the type of injury this would be used for - your doctor prescribes the aircast, so that’s when you wear it. The aircast is generally post-plaster cast; an aircast wouldn’t be enough to support a broken ankle. people also use them when they have sprains.

I think that’s it… hopefully i’ll get some more updated designs up soon. Thanks so much for the comments/crit, i really appreciate it.

some updated sketches, pretty different from the original concept…

any comments/crit/suggestions?