Regulatory requirements

Hello. I am about to put a new electronic product on the market. The device has motors, an LCD and is battery-operated. It is to be primarily sold to adults although children can use it as well. Can you tell me what regulatory requirements will be needed for it before it is sold in the US?

…check the box and or backside of any device using the same components for similar purposes…you will find the logos of the appropriate regulatory agencies…google them and let the games begin.

I have done that but the problem is my product is a new invention… parts of it are similar to other things on the market but as a whole, it is unique.

I’m not an expert, but you may have to deal with:

  1. UL/ ETL (motorized parts, pinchpoints, etc.)
  2. FCC part 15 (is it electronic, sends RF, or receives RF?)
  3. California prop 65 (no lead requirment)
  4. New California regulations requiring energy ratings on devices.

…and the list could go on and on, especially if the market may include children.

You may want to hire a consultant and be prepared to spend some money for testing and fees. If you are having it produced offshore, your trading company/ manufacturer may also have knowledge and testing capabilities (though not always).

Good luck.

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If you are going to sell it in Europe you will want a CE mark. Google CE consultants and you will get a few hits.

For a summary of standards organizations, and a discussion of the safety and quality issues surrounding design of new products, go to, and look for a booklet called ‘Design Directions’. You can download it for a small fee.