Regular Resume VS. Freelance Resume?

I thought read somewhere that with freelancing you can use more streamlined resume, that has less detail, no job dates, does not list company names but generic descriptions of the company, etc, (i.e. Display Maker in MA, Inventor in CA, etc.). This is to keep the resume sort of “ageless” and protect clients who don’t like others to know they use freelancers (shows future employers you can be discreet). Also the format is more liberal for example, and may look more “commercial” (i.e. has your logo, tagline etc.)

  • Mission
  • Skills/ what I can do
  • Experience
  • Software skills, etc.
  • Patents, awards
    In general it is a lot freer and reads like more of a commercial “sell sheet”.

    Is this what most out there do? OR do you use the “standard” type of resume for freelancing.