Regrets: Hobbies

Anyone else ever feel like this about hobbies? Regrets: Hobbies - YouTube
The short was from Coudal Partners. I first saw it a few years ago at IDSA Midwest conference in KC but I just came across it again.

Hobbies!?! That’s kind of limiting isn’t it?

Limiting? Good news, it was part of a “regrets” series.
They have Regrets: Boxes, Regrets:Spoons, Regrets:Kids, Regrets:Racism

If you go to their site they make lots of other shorts too.

Nah! All my hobbies are fun!

Well I am definitely guilty of seeing something and getting into it until the next thing comes along. They are mostly design related since I find it refreshing to do non-job related design.

I love design blogs so I am constantly seeing things I want to take on. Currently I want to learn to be a leather smith. Has anyone seen into the wild? The old man making leather belts got to me.

Leather work is so easy to get into. Saddle stitching is my latest obsession. Just buy some scrap leather or an old bag and get started. Fair warning though, it might be the hardest thing I’ve ever done to get right, and look nice. I’ve made some watch straps and doggy leashes.