regarding choosing schools

Ill make this straight foward as possible.

$40,000 from CCS Trans design dep. (cover about half for 4years)

$12,000 from Parsons Product design dep. (covers only small fraction of entire cost. I still have to pay around $55,000per year)
I guess I ll be in foundation for the first year at both schools.
Where would you go? and why?

I already turned in my deposit for parsons, but CCS might be willing to give me more. I have done my homework about the schools, looked at student work, etc. and I am willing to go to both schools. However I think I would prefer NY a little bit.

I am hoping to get some professional advice…reagrading the locations, program, employment…about those two majors of that school.

Thank you

Wow…given the lackluster quality of work I’ve seen on Parson’s portfolios on Coroflot makes me wonder how they can charge that much.

I don’t know what to tell you given those two choices. Do you WANT to do transportation design? You shouldn’t go down a path you don’t want to just because they’re going to give you more money.

At the same time…that’s a huge amount of money. If you expect to be paying over $200k for 4 years, remember that even the best jobs when you graduate will still probably only pay between 40-60k a year…I’m not sure what value you get out of some of these high priced schools sometimes.

He’s absolutely right
Trans is extremely competitive there are 2-6 auto design job openings a year inside the US (pre-recession) If you make the cut you can start at $80K.
If you wash out, you are not as prepared for other design feilds as a general product design student, but if you take trans to mean: mass transit, bikes or watercraft you should have fewer employment issues.

CCS is auto heavy - do you really really love drawing cars?

well, I am a junior in the Parsons Product Dept.
The tuition alone is about 18,000 or something a semester. I guess you are also paying for the dorms.
In that case you have to of course factor in that you will be living in one of the most expensive areas in the world, lower Manhattan.

I guess, Cyberdemon is right. The quality of work coming out of Parsons is not great but I don’t think it’s the schools fault but the students.
If you have the drive, Parsons will give you everything you need to build a good portfolio and most importantly, make the connections.
But it won’t hold your hand. If your portfolio is mediocre, well… nobody will really stop you and say “hey, THAT is not industry standard.” You got to understand that yourself

I interviewed yesterday with a well respected and successful ID consultancy here in NYC yesterday and got a paid 4 month internship out of it.
So again, it’s not about the school but rather about you.

It’s true that if you want to do trans, Parsons is NOT the school for you. There is no program or classes at Parsons for that and no faculty that operates or is qualified in the field.
What you do have is an amazing ceramic shop, good wood and metal (ferrous and non-ferrous) shops, free 3D printing and laser cutting and of course the giant contact pool of new york city.

your two choices could not be more different.

Thanks guys

I was also wondering about living in apartments.
obviously, detroit is a lot cheaper than lower manhattan - Ive researched…

I was wondering

Is it safe to live in midtown-medical center or midtown-waynestate areas, attending CCS?

I know the dorms are nice and convenient to make friends, however, being an international student, having to get out every break is a little frustrating.

are the dorms better to stay in? (studio access, etc.)

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PLEASE stay in a dorm your freshman year. It will make college college. And they only make you move out during summer, which is just as well because you may have made friends in dorms you want to move out into an apartment/house with. Don’t isolate yourself to design only. Colleges usually offer summer storage solutions as well. Don’t just think of everything in terms of design, this will greatly narrow your point of view and affect your mentality about working with other majors/people who don’t understand design.