Refugee Shelter

I am an ID student at Purdue University and I am focusing my thesis on refugee shelter. My goal is to design a collapsible shelter that can be easily deployed all over the world. Something that can be shipped flat and assembled with few or no tools. When it is no longer needed, it can be dismantled, packed flat again, and moved to the next disaster area. I want to create a base unit that can be adapted to different climates and terrains. This unit can serve as a very basic shelter but, also have the capabilities to upgrade and implement modern infrastructure(i.e. solar power, running water, etc). I will also explore the possibility of having modular and stackable structures. Many alternative housing solutions deal with small scale but can’t cope with large scale displaced populations. My aim is to design a system that addresses the needs of large amounts of displaced people.

Does anyone have comments, suggestions, or ideas for research?

I am sorry.

I am sure if you haven’t come across the significant effort that has been placed in this realm already you will in your research. The simplest and most logical approach to this I have seen is the shipping container shelter. Its an inexpensive, readily available, easy to ship, and fits into existing infrastructure.

I am not trying to discourage you from this effort. It is just my opinion that this is an area that has been addressed many times over. It is another one of what I would call a “typical design student project”.

I know this is not really what you are looking for but check out this tent:

I love the simplicity and mobility of this design however it never became a big success and many of the companies who built it is not in the business anymore except for the above mentioned Quechua.

I know its a small sized tent but maybe you could drive some inspiration from the construction :slight_smile:

Wish you the best of luck/AquaStealth